Canada Business Visas


Canada Business Immigration Category visas were created to bring business professionals to Canada. Candidates who are able to invest in Canada, set up businesses in Canada, and create revenues and jobs for Canadians are considered successful.

Over 9000 business immigrants were permitted to enter Canada in 2013. The government targets to receive a similar amount of Canada-based business immigrants in 2015-2016.

The Canadian government is looking for businesspeople with enough business experience and other assets to help encourage the creation of a strong, prosperous economy.


Canada business visa categories

  • Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Visa is for individuals with at least $10,000,000 CND in personal wealth and who are willing to make a risky investment of at minimum $2 million CND in Canada’s Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Fund. This category was temporarily closed December 30, 2015
  • Start up Visa: This visa is for successful business owners and part-owners who have significant experience and the desire to start and run a business that generates revenue and creates employment in Canada. An organization must support the business via Canada’s Startup Visa Designated Organizations List
  • Self-Employed Visa: This visa is for individuals with relevant experience in international athletics, cultural activities, or farm management and who intend to be self-employed in Canada.

Canada Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Visa

Temporarily, this visa category was closed to new applications on December 30, 2015. This visa category is periodically opened by the Canadian government at their discretion.

Although the Canadian Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Visa Program was established on December 1, 2010, it is not always accessible. This category is only opened when Canada’s Immigration Department – Citizenship and Immigration Canada – determines that Canada has a need for foreign investors. Once those requirements have been met, it is closed.

Eligibility: Net worth or investment

To be eligible for this visa category applicants must:

  • A personal net worth of not less than $10 million CND.
    • Acquired through investment and/or legal business.
    • Not required to have been obtained by inheritance.
    • You must not tie up the value of your primary residence (although other properties can count towards your net worth).
  • You must be able and willing to invest at minimum $2 million CND in Canada’s Immigrant investor Venture Capital Fund for 15-years (see below for details).

Eligibility: Language skills

Candidates must demonstrate a reasonable level of proficiency of English, French, or both languages. To prove this , applicants must submit the results of tests taken from:

Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Fund

The applicant must put at least $2 million CND in Canada’s Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Fund for a period of around 15 years in order to be eligible to apply for the visa. These investments are considered ‘at-risk which means there’s no guarantee of a return.
But, in contrast to the earlier regulations for this visa, investors now earn an interest rate on their investment throughout the investment term , instead of just after the term is over.

Personal net worth: due diligence report

To prove the value of their personal assets The applicants have to get a due diligence report from one of the following organizations:

  • Deloitte Forensic Inc.
  • Ernst & Young Global Ltd
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) LLP
  • Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton Consulting Inc.

Finance: Facilitators and Investment

To complete their investment quickly and smoothly investors can make use of one of Canada’s accredited investment facilitators. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that this isn’t an absolute requirement.

These organizations can also assist investors finance their investment if they want to invest in a fund.

Canada Start-Up Visa

Canadian’s Start-Up Visa Program is aimed at entrepreneurs and business owners who plan to establish the business – either an owner who is a complete or partial owner or part owner – in Canada. A maximum of five individuals can apply for the visa at once however, each applicant must have at minimum 10% of company’s internal voting rights and their percentage of the business must be greater than 50%.

Eligibility The eligibility criteria are: Business conditions

The business plan of the applicant must satisfy a number of requirements to be considered for visas:

  • The business plan has to be backed by one or more of the many suitable venture capital funds, investment groups as well as business incubator programs. It is required that applicants submit a written statement that supports them from these groups when they submit their visa application.A full list of approved organizations can be found below. For more information about submitting the business plans to these organizations, Please contact us.
  • Between 1 and 5 people are eligible to apply to be granted this visa in the case of owners of the same company. To be considered eligible, applicants must
    • At minimum 10% company’s internal voting rights
    • Shared ownership (along along with the designated company) at most 51% or more of company’s voting rights

Eligibility: Language skills

The applicant must be proficient in English or French or both or both. To prove this , applicants must submit the results of tests taken from:

Maintenance funds

The applicants must also be able to access enough money to maintain themselves as well as their relatives, and they must demonstrate this by submitting documents like bank accounts or evidence. The amount of funds that applicants need to have access to is contingent on the amount of family members they have included when submitting the request. The table below provides a an in-depth breakdown of the money needed to obtain this visa

Canadian Start-Up Visa Maintenance Funds Table

The number of family members (including the applicant who is the main applicant) Maintenance funds needed
1 $11,913.00 CND
2 $14,853.00 CND
3 $18,260.00 CND
4 $22,170.00 CND
5 $25,145.00 CND
6 $28,359.00 CND
7 $31,574.00 CND


Starting up visas are sponsored by specifically endorsed sponsor organizations

To be qualified to apply for the Canadian Starting Up visa, applicants must obtain an the necessary investment and/or letter of backing from one of the suitable Venture capital fund, investment organizations, and business incubators. The complete list of organizations that are eligible is available below.

Venture capital funds

To make use of the Canadian venture capital investment fund to support an organization, the company must be provided with an amount of CND $200,000 investment as well as an endorsement letter coming from any of the organizations:

Angel investor groups

To be able to utilize an angel investment group to be a supporting organization, the company must be able to receive at minimum CND $75,000 plus a letter that supports an investment or investor who are affiliated to one or more of these:

Business incubators

To be able to utilize an incubator for business as a support organisation, the business has to have been accepted by, and get a support letter from among the programs listed below:

Canada Self-Employed Persons Visa

This Canadian Self-Employed Persons Program is designed for those with relevant experience in activities related to culture like athletics, farm management, or athletics. Candidates must also demonstrate the desire and capability to start a business that , at minimum, generate employment for their own.

The applicants must be able to make a significant contribution to athletics, cultural or other activities or purchase and run an agricultural property in Canada.

Eligibility: Funds, employment and points

There are various eligibility criteria to apply for this visa. Applicants must meet:

  • Show at least two years of self-employment experience in the field of cultural activities or athletics and participation at a high-level in athletics or cultural activities or farm management experience
  • Have enough money to provide for the family when they arrive
  • Are you able and willing to create a company that generates self-employment
  • Contribute significantly to the sporting or cultural existence of Canada or purchase and run the farm in Canada
  • You must score enough points in the selection criteria to reach the mark of passing. The selection factors comprise points that are awarded to:
    • Education
    • proficiency ability Canadian officially recognized native languages (English in particular) and French)
    • work experience
    • Age
    • factors that allow for adaptability (such as the ability to learn)

Eligibility: Language skills

Candidates must demonstrate a reasonable level of proficiency in English or French or both or both. To prove this , applicants must submit the test results from:

Self-Employed Employment Program is available for Quebec only

The Quebec Self-Employed Program is geared to applicants who are able to create their own work by performing an occupation in who they have prior work experience.

Eligibility: Work and financial aid

To apply for these programs, candidates must

  • At minimum two years of experience in the profession they want to take up in Quebec (which isn’t restricted to cultural, athletics or farm management as in that of the Canadian program)
  • Must have a net value that is $100,000. CDN of legally obtained funds (The spouse’s money contribute to the total)
  • Are able and willing to establish their own job by working in Quebec.

Eligibility: Language skills

Candidates must demonstrate a reasonable level of proficiency in English or French or both or both. To prove this , applicants must submit the results of tests taken from: