Guide to Becoming a US Citizen


People who have green card status in the US are granted all the rights enjoyed by US citizens. In general, green card holders are able to reside in the US for as long as they want and can then be employed by almost any kind of employer. Yet, US citizenship allows some significant benefits that must be taken into consideration.

Here are some great reasons to consider becoming an US citizen once you’ve decided if you qualify:

1. Citizenship and voting If you’re living in America It is likely that you would like to be a part of the US democratic system, and therefore it is crucial to become a citizen. Most of the time the only citizens of this country are eligible to vote. The easiest method to vote is to affect the way in which the country is managed.


2. Remaining in residency One way to ensure that you’ll always be able to stay permanently in US is to US is to apply for naturalization. US Permanent residents are constantly at the risk loss of their green card if they go on lengthy periods of time out of the US. After the terrorist attacks of September. 11th, 2001 this has become a major issue, and more individuals lose their residency status due to the fact that they are considered to be deemed by ports of entry officials as having left their permanent residence within the US. Check out’s guide to keeping your US permanent residency status to ensure you’re meeting your obligations as an permanent resident.

3. Deportation If you’re ever found guilty of committing an offense – not necessarily a serious crime, you are at possibility to be sent home. When you are an American citizen, with some rare exceptions, you can keep your citizenship even if encounter criminal issues.

4. The benefits of government Certain US permanently resident are excluded from accessing the same benefits offered to citizens. In the past few years, there has been increasing talk about making different kinds of public benefits only accessible to US citizens. Only way to be sure that this won’t become a problem is to be legal US citizen.

5. Family members are eligible for immigration Family members US citizens get priority treatment in the admission of relatives. Citizens who are 21 years or older age are able to sponsor relatives without waiting in the line for visas to be granted. The same applies to the spouses and children of US citizens as well as their minor children who are US citizens. US citizens are also able to sponsor their adult children and siblings, although the waits for these categories may be as short as a couple of years. Green card holders however are not able to sponsor siblings or parents. Also, the waiting times for bringing in children and spouses is longer than for citizens.

6. Federal job opportunities Certain kinds of government jobs are requiring US citizenship. This is especially applicable to jobs in the defense and energy sectors.

7. Running for office in the political realm Many kinds elections in the United States need the person who holds the office to be an US citizen.

8. Tax implications Tax consequences US Permanent residents and citizens aren’t always treated in the same way for taxation purposes. This is especially true for estate taxes.

9. Federal grant Although many federal grants are open only to residents of the United States, others and more are restricted to US citizens.

10. Politics contributions – Although green card holders are legally allowed to contribute funds to political campaigns if they reside in the US however, it’s unclear whether green card holders living in other countries – even temporarily – are able to do this.