Non-tier UK Business visas


From March 29th, 2019 onwards, the UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa no more is available for applicants who are new. Businesspersons may be eligible to apply for the UK innovative visa scheme. Business owners and businesses should look into whether it’s feasible to qualify within one of the Tier 2 sponsoring licence or a representative of an overseas company and Turkish Businessperson Visa.

Information on details on the Tier 1 Visa for Investorsand Tier 1 Extraordinary Talent visa are on the Visa section for Tier 1.. If you require other UK business visas that aren’t included in the 5 Tier system, check out the table below.

UK Business Visas

The following categories for business visas are becoming more crucial. It appears that the more UK visa categories are no longer included in the UK Tier-based visa scheme.


  • UK The Innovator Visa is for experienced business people who are visiting the UK to start the most innovative, viable, and scalable company within the UK. It is also required to be approved by a third party, which could make it harder in certain ways compared to the earlier category of Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa. The main advantage over the former Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa scheme is that the minimum investment is now at PS50,000, where the norm was PS200,000.
  • UK Starting The UK Start Visa will replace that Tier-1 Graduate Entrepreneur visa scheme . It is intended for business professionals. The visa scheme replaces with the Visa Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur visa scheme.
  • The sole Representative of an overseas company Business VisaFor people who want to come in the UK to establish an initial UK affiliate or branch of an outbound firm. Representatives must be a senior member of the company overseas however, they are not the largest shareholder. The UK company must be completely owned by the overseas business. The visa also permits foreign journalists working on a long-term assignment to visit into the UK. This is the longest-term visa and could lead to an Indefinite leave to remain within Britain. UK.
  • Turkish Visa for Businesspersons for Turkish citizens who are visiting the UK to start the business of their choice or assist in running an existing business. People who have this visa are not able to take on a new job within the UK. It is a long-term visa that could lead to Indefinite Leave to remain In UK. UK.

Businesspeople are able to enter in the UK for a brief period as business tourists. In certain circumstances, there are exceptions to this. Van de Elst visa or allowed pay engagement visa is worth looking into.

UK Visa information and advice and guidance

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