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The UK is among the most sought-after immigration destinations for those who want to reside and work in a different country. From 1 December 2020, prior to the expiration of the Brexit transition period, the UK immigration points system was made simpler for workers with a high level of skill. However however, the UK Innovative Visa along with the UK Start-Up Visa scheme have made it harder to get into the UK for many business owners.

In many instances, you have to fall under one of the UK point-based system of visas, which evaluates applicants against a variety of requirements to determine their eligibility to receive the UK study or work visa. The majority of work-related visa applications, like those under the Skilled Workers visa(formerly Tier 2 visa) scheme and the study visa (formerly Tier 4 visa) applications are processed via this system. In increasing numbers, the present Boris Johnson government is discontinuing the usage of the word “tier” in the points system of visas based on points.

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UK Points Based Visa System

The UK visa system is made up of the followingelements:

  • Tier 1 Visa: This visa category is intended for “high-value immigrants” from outside the EEA and currently covers those who are eligible for the PS2 million investor visa scheme. There’s also the Global Talent visa (formerly Tier 1 Extraordinary Talent visa) and the Exceptional Promise visa. On the 29th of March, 2019, The UK Innovation visa scheme was replaced by with the visa scheme for Tier 1 Visa for Entrepreneurs.
  • Skilled Workers Visa This category is designed for’skilled workers’ outside of the EEA who have a job offer in the UK through an skilled Worker sponsor. This includes skilled workers who are brought to the UK by an international corporation through an In-Company Transfer Visa route skilled workers who meet the requirement for points ministers of religion, and sportspeople.
  • Tier 3 Visa This category was developed to help low-skilled people fill specific temporary labor shortages. The government has not allocated visas for this scheme. This means you are not eligible to submit an application for Tier 3 visa scheme.
  • Student Visa The Student Visa is formerly known as”the 4 visa, formerly known as the 4 visa is intended for students who would like to attend university at a university in the UK. The applicant must have a spot at a recognised UK education institution prior to submitting an application.
  • Temporary Work Visa The work visa category, previously known as the 5 visa, is a Tier 5 visa, has six sub-tiers for temporary workers that include sports and creative, religious and charity workers along with the mobility for youth program that allows around 55,000 youth each calendar year to be employed in the UK during their working holiday.

Other UK visas

The UK points-based visa system is used to cover most studies, work as well as investment visas. However, visitor Visas and family permits as well as some UK business visas aren’t part of the points-based visa system.

  • UK business Visas: The section covers a variety of business visas for long-term use that do not fall within the UK visa Tier system.
  • UK Visitors Visas: This section provides all the details you require to be able to enter in the UK as a visitor regardless of whether it’s for pleasure or business
  • UK Family Visas: Whether you wish to relocate your family to the UK or even add a family member who is currently living in the country this section will provide the primary UK Visa options available for family members.

Additional information, assistance and assistance

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