US B-1 Business Visa for Visitors to the United States as well as B-2 Visa for Visitors to Pleasure


B-1 business visitor visa as well as B-2 tourist for pleasure visa

Business travelers are able to travel to into the United States using a B-1 “Visitor to Business” Visa. These visas typically are issued in the form of a joint B-1 business visas and B-2 ‘Visitor For Pleasure’ (i.e. Tourist) visa. This means that in the event that you possess an old B-1/B-2 Visa originally issued for a trip to the tourist area the visa could be acceptable for a planned business trip.

If you’re a citizen of a nation that is under the B-1/B-2 visa waiver scheme for travel in the US for 90 days or less, you must likely apply online with ESTA (Electronic System of Travel Authorisation). This eliminates the need for applying for a B-1/B-2 visitor visa through the US Embassy in person.

B-1 Business Visitor eligible activities

When visiting America US in the US as a professional visit An individual could:


  • Conduct Negotiations
  • Solicit sales or investments
  • Talk about your plans for purchases or investments.
  • Buy or invest in
  • Participate in Meetings and be involved completely.
  • Hire and interview staff.
  • Conduct your own research.

B-1 Business Visitor ineligible activities

The following tasks require a visa for work and cannot be performed by business travelers:

  • The running of an enterprise.
  • “Gainful employment”.
  • The payment is made by an organisation located in the US.
  • Professionally participating at sporting or entertainment events.

It is evident that there is a substantial “gray zone” between what is permitted and what’s not. It is best to be in the direction of caution when bringing foreigners to the USA for business-related visas. In certain specific circumstances, paid work may be possible with the US H-1B Visa.

Stay duration

People who enter on visitor visas are typically granted six months of admission upon admission, however, the maximum duration allowed is one year. It is possible to apply for an extension of six months to the visitor visa, in the event that the applicant maintains their status as a visitor and has good reasons for doing this. Sometimes, it is possible to transfer status to a different longer – time visa when visiting US US as a visitor in the event that the person applying had informed the relevant US Consulate or Embassy about this possibility in advance, or had no intention in advance to change status.


The US Visitor Visa should typically be sought in a country in which the applicant is a citizen or a permanent resident. Requests made from other countries are often at risk of being rejected. The most frequent reason for refusing B1/B2 visas is lacking evidence of economic, social or family connections to the home country that could guarantee that the applicant will be able to return to that country following the trip in the USA.

If the required conditions are met, then the applicant is eligible to apply for the visa. If you’d like to know whether you’re eligible for a visa, you can complete this US Visa evaluation form.

The B-1/B-2 Visit Visa Waiver Pilot Program:

The B-1 and the B-2 Visa The Waiver Pilot Program allows citizens of certain countries to travel to in the US within 90 days with having to obtain a Visitor Visa. Check if your country is included on the list and for more information visit the US B-1 Visa and the B-2 Visitor Waiver Pilot Program page.

B-1 as a substitute for an H-1B

In some limited situations, in certain, limited circumstances, the US Consulate is able to issue B-1 Business Visitor Visa for work that usually requires an the H-1B Work Visa. This is a great option for companies that are not US-based and want to assign someone to work on the specific project for a US-based customer or when employees from the US affiliate or subsidiary is required for a limited duration.

B-1 visas are much simpler and more quickly to obtain to be used for this purpose as opposed to the crowded H-1B visa. For complete details, visit the US B-1 visa in place of the H-1B visa page.


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