US Work and business visas


The largest economy in the world, with the largest number of opportunities , the United States is an incredibly sought-after destination for immigrants. The US handles millions of immigrants and non-immigrant visa applications for businesspersons, workers and investors, as well as family members, each year.

It is said that the US visa process is perhaps one of the most complex in the world. The system is so complex with so many visa choices that it’s difficult to identify what visa is appropriate for you. In general, in order to get into the US for the long-term you must have an offer of employment at a high-level or even start a new company or be an immigrant family member. The most sought-after work-related visa categories include E-2 treaty investors, L-1A and L-1B intracompany transfer, B-1 in place for H-1B as well as the H-1B Visa. If you are looking for employment-based immigration, one of the most effective alternatives can be the EB1-C visa for leaders and executives.

US work visas are divided into two categories: temporary work visas and employment-based immigration visas (also called Green Cards), which provide the holder with legal permanent residency.


There are many ways to get US B-1 commercial travel visas are available quickly through an US Consulate or Embassy. For companies looking to set up on the US it is possible to do this for a minimal cost through the L-1 intra-company transfer visa. It is also known as E-2 Treaty Investor Visa or E-1 Treaty Trader visa scheme. If you are looking to obtain permanent residency and have at least $500,000 in funds to spend, the E-5 immigrant investor visa scheme is worth a look.

Below, you will find detailed details below for each visa type that includes the eligibility requirements, helpful tips and tips, as well as details about how to apply for an visa.


  • USA visas that do not require immigration for investors, workers and businesspeople The section below contains details on E-1 Treaty Investor and E-2 Treaty Trader Visas and some of the most significant Non-immigrant US Work visas.
  • Employment Based Immigration Visas (Green cards): This section contains information about the five Green Card categories that can will allow for legal permanent residency within the US.
  • Employers Guide for US immigration A useful source of information for businesses working in the US
  • Guide for employees for US immigration tips and information for those seeking the US work visa